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Raffle Prizes

Tickets drawn at 12.30pm on 20th December 2017



Printer - YELLOW Raffle Ticket 276

Giant Polar Bear - BLUE Raffle Ticket 127

Rufus the Giant Bear - WHITE Raffle Ticket 179

DKNY Womens Perfume - YELLOW Raffle Ticket 138

DKNY Gents Aftershave - WHITE Raffle Ticket 97

Lindt Chocolate Hamper - YELLOW Raffle Ticket 23

Boys In Line Skates - BLUE Raffle Ticket 19

Girls Skates - WHITE Raffle Ticket 189

£25 SLT Leisure Pass - YELLOW Raffle Ticket 162

£25 SLT Leisure Pass - BLUE Raffle Ticket 66

Bottle of Brandy - WHITE Raffle Ticket 205

£15 voucher for Plenty A Petals - BLUE Raffle Ticket 13

Bottle of Gin - YELLOW Raffle Ticket 312

Bottle of Whiskey - BLUE Raffle Ticket 80

Jitterbug Tickets - WHITE Raffle Ticket 81 

White Wine - WHITE Raffle Ticket 27

White Wine - YELLOW Raffle Ticket 109

White Wine - YELLOW Raffle Ticket 10

Rose Wine - YELLOW Raffle Ticket 259

Grey Bear -  YELLOW Raffle Ticket 183

Grey Bear - YELLOW Raffle Ticket 133

Grape Wine - WHITE Raffle Ticket 199

Nursery Christmas Performance

English Quiz Update


On the Morning of Tuesday 5th December, we travelled to the English Book Quiz at Churchills in Walsall. The quiz was focused around the book ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo and the children in the selected team took part in 10 different rounds! The questions for the quiz focused on a variety of different areas within English such as, reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar. There was even a creative writing round, where the children had to describe a picture – in this case, a strange-looking, floating house!


After all of the rounds, we were told who the winners were and were able to watch the prize and medal giving ceremony. This year, out of all the Wednesbury Primary schools, we came in joint 6th position. A great time was had by all and we look forward to returning next year, with a new team to try and vie for the top prize!


Harvest Festival 18th October 2017

Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company came to The Priory Primary 26th September 2017