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Day 1

We arrived safely at frankchapman centre and were greeted by Katie, our instructor for the week. She took us to the pod campsite, there were lots of pods outside, there was also a cat called Gizmo.


Next we were asked to unpack and made our pods feel like home. We decided who was to sleep on the top bunk and I then we went to explore the grounds. There was an amazing rope swing and some of us played football and hide and seek. 


During the first activity we were split into two groups and we played a team game called islands, we had to work out how we were going to get from one place to the other. After this we played a ball collection game, again this was a team building game. All the games gave us points for the final egg challenge. When it was time for the egg challenge we chose materials and designed an egg container to protect the eggs, the teachers also had a go! 


The eggs were dropped from a second floor staircase, we then went to see whose egg had survived. Guess what? Yep it was the teachers container that protected the egg, I'm sure they cheated. 


We had some free time so we played catch with the teachers and some of us went on the swing. Later on we had our tea and then wenton our night walk in the woods to find the wishing tree. 

The day has been tiring and full so we decided to have a good night sleep. Can't wait for tomorrow!

Day 2 - Plas Gwynant


Group 1 - We started early in the morning and arrived at the base of Mount Cnicht. This mountain was 630m high and we were going to be climbing it, all the way to the top. We started the slow ascent and after 30 minutes we asked if we were nearing the summit, the answer was laughter from our teachers as we hadn't even come off the road yet. After 3hrs we finally reached the top, the very top. We celebrated with what Josh called a 'dab.' No one really knew what this was but we amused Josh with this new word. The descent had begun, we walked and we walked and we walked until, eventually reaching the mid-way point of the return journey. Then suddenly, the terrain changed from a dry, firm and steady surface to a squelchy, boggy and wet swamp similar to Shrek's swamp. With a few children (and Mr Patel) nearly losing shoes down to the suction of the bog, it was a very entertaining ending to a very rewarding day.  



Group 2 - In the morning, we went to Borth y Gest beach. We enjoyed climbing over rocks, getting messy in the rock pools and playing lots of team games. After that, we went to Afon Goch to climb a waterfall! We dressed head to toe in waterproof clothes but somehow we still all managed to get soaked! The walk was steep and precarious, it made us feel scared but proud of surviving such a monumental accomplishment - we were triumphant! 





Monday 23rd May 2016


Day 1 - Plas Gwynant Residential visit - Wales


The children started arriving early in the morning with their cases and their parents. The children were all very excited and found it hard to contain themselves.


As soon as everything had been sorted in the school, regarding the visit, we started to make our way towards the coach and anxious parents. The children had soon said their goodbyes and boarded the coach. Mr Patel was going to follow us in his car, the coach set off and soon we were on the motorway.


The first part of the journey was fine with no sickness!! Yay! The last half of the drive was lots of narrow and meandering roads, finally after 3hrs we arrived at Plas Gwynant Residential centre.


We were first taken around the centre and then given a short brief of what we were going to expect in the next few minutes. We were asked to take our own, heavy suitcases to our rooms, the girls were downstairs and the boys were upstairs.


Once we had completed this task we met in the classroom and split into 2 groups. The first part of the afternoon was to have some free time playing on the open grounds or exploring the nearby areas, it was all fascinating, there were lots and lots of trees. We met lots of new people and enjoyed playing in the sun.


After a while we were asked to come in and were shown where dinner times would be, they also showed us what jobs we had to do for each other. Cleaning our dirty hands and changing into dry clothes (splashes from the stream) we went for our tea, Jacket potatoes and various types of filling. Some strange people and teachers had beans and tuna with their jacket potatoes, how weird.


On completion of our dinner duties we were given some free time. The next activity would be to go for a walk in and around the nearby area. This wasn't a long walk but we got to lay down in the middle of a disused road and listen to the different sounds comparing where we lived to here. Very soon we were waving our arms around because of the swarm of midges were gathering around us. Everyone was scratching and rubbing their hair trying hard to stop them from biting.


As we returned to the centre we were given hot chocolate, yummy. We had some more free time and were then asked to go to sleep at 9:45pm. Some of us couldn't sleep so we chatted until we were asked to switch off our lights. What an exciting first day, I wonder what is in store for us tomorrow, I think it all depends on the weather.