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As part of our journey to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for every child, we have decided to follow a mastery approach to the curriculum. At The Priory Primary School, we believe that all pupils can succeed in maths with hard work and determination.



We follow a whole-class interactive teaching model to encourage all pupils to move forward with their learning together; developing fluency and conceptual understanding in tandem. Within lessons, pupils are provided with plenty of opportunities to explore, question, demonstrate and discuss all areas of the mathematical curriculum. This is structured and developed by a lesson approach of ‘I DO’, which is teacher input, ‘WE DO’, which provides an opportunity for the teacher and pupils to develop their understanding collaboratively and then the ‘YOU DO’ section, which allows pupils to develop an understanding of the concept independently.



Since deciding to follow the mastery approach we have also decided to follow a blocked approach to the curriculum; this means that pupils are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of a concept over a significant period of time, rather than dipping in and out of it across the academic year. To assist with the teaching of this approach and following the suggestions of the DfE, we decided that the use of textbooks to support the learning of maths would be right for us. With this in mind, we purchased the ‘Power Maths’ product - this provides us with interactive resources as well as textbooks and practice books for pupils.  


If you have any further queries about Maths at The Priory please feel free to contact Mr. Mcgee or alternatively email