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Number Bonds

The following matrix provides you with an opportunity to work with your child on their instant recall of addition facts to 20. The progression chart starts with the basics of adding 1 then moves through to finally looking at bridging through 10. As your child moves through the school, it is essential that they have an instant recall (within 3 seconds) of these facts so they can avoid cognitive overload and focus on the concept being taught. For example, when looking at column addition and exchanging in Year 4, they would be able to focus on the teaching of exchange rather than what 4+7 equals.

There are many ways in which you could work with your child to develop instant recall of these facts. Some of which could include:


  • Rote learning- saying the number bonds aloud multiple times.


  • Songs/rhymes- making songs and rhymes up to help your children remember the facts.

  • Objects- providing your child with objects to work out the number bond.

  • Number Bond Practice- finding different practice worksheets.


  • Testing- provide your child with the challenge of answering a set of questions.