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The Priory Primary School

The Priory Primary School

Learning Together

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Learning Together

Year 1D

        Welcome to 1D




Our team this year is Miss Douglas and Mrs Beardsmore. We have got off to a wonderful start this year and settled in well. The children have already made fantastic progress in their learning and we are excited to continue to explore the curriculum. Below you can find a short overview of what we have learned and what is still to come this term!


Phonics & Literacy

We have been working really hard on our phonic knowledge and reading skills this half term. We use a phonics scheme called Read Write Inc., which is a structured programme, designed to ensure all children are able to read accurately and fluently. We work in small groups, reading between two and five different texts a week, which are carefully matched to the phonic knowledge of the children. Each day, the children also complete writing activities linked to the text, to help support their understanding of the links between reading and writing.

In June of next year, your children will be tested on the phonic decoding skills as part of a national assessment. During the assessment, they will be tested on their ability to read both real words and ‘alien’ or nonsense words. You can help your child to prepare for this by reading with them as often as possible.



In Power Maths this half term, we have already covered:

  • Reading and writing numbers
  • Addition within ten
  • Subtraction within ten
  • Number bonds to ten
  • Counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s

Next half term, we will continue practicing these skills, as well as learning about the properties of shape and beginning to look at different types of measurement.


There are some great online video resources that we often use in class, some of which are listed below for you to practice at home:


Counting by 2s - 

Counting by 5s -

The Big Numbers Song -



Our topic this half term has been Where I live. We have learned lots about our local area, including looking at the different types of houses, jobs, and amenities like shops, doctors’ surgeries, and places of worship. We have also explored the local area using maps, both online and paper-based. It has been great fun.

Next half term, we will be focusing on Toys then and now, looking at similarities and differences between toys in the past and toys in the present, and learning about the changes in society and technology that have lead to the differences in modern toys.



Our Science topic has been Plants. We have investigated what plants need to grow by growing our own grass seed in the classroom! We have also explored different types of plants in the school grounds and we learned a lot about the different types of plants that we eat as fruits and vegetables. Did you know that peas are the seeds of the pea plant? Or that broccoli is actually a flower?

Next half term, we will be focusing on Everyday Materials, learning to identify what objects are made from and how to describe the properties of materials we use often.



This half term, we have been learning about Places of Worship. We have looked at Christian churches, Sikh gurdwaras and Muslim mosques. We have learned that different religions worship in ways that are both similar to and different from each other.


Next half term will be all about the Christian celebration of Christmas. We will learn the story of the nativity and make connections between Christmas traditions and Christian belief.


As you can see, we have learned a lot already and there is so much more to come! The children are excited and motivated to continue to expand their knowledge and experiences.

Thank you for your ongoing support!



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The Priory Primary School

The Priory Primary School

Learning Together

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