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Mr. Mcgee, Mrs. Taylor, and Mrs. Beardmore were extremely impressed with the hard work and determination shown by the children in 3M during the Autumn Term. They are looking forward to welcoming the children back after Christmas. Here is a brief overview of the subject areas to keep you up to date with the topics 3M will be exploring.



In English last half term, we were looking at traditional tales, with a particular focus on The Three Little Pigs. To remind ourselves of the story, we used plenty of drama, as well as engaging in P4C sessions (Philosophy for Children) to further develop our ability to explain and justify our ideas. We then added a twist to the traditional version of the story by studying ‘The True Story of the Three Little Pigs’. This change of perception of the story that we were already familiar with generated some great discussions and writing!



Last term, we developed our understanding of place value and addition and subtraction. This half-term, we will be focusing on multiplication and division. To make sure we have a good understanding of multiplication and division methods, we must continue to practice our times tables as much as possible at home. In class, we enjoy using ‘Number Shed’ to help us practice our times tables and other maths skills. Mr. Mcgee has been particularly impressed with the improvement of attitude shown by pupils when tackling mathematical problems.



In Computing last term, we were learning how to use a coding program called Scratch to make a quiz. The majority of us had not used Scratch before so we were able to progress quite a lot from our starting point. This term we will be looking at Sketchbook and our typing skills.



Last term, in Science we were learning about Rocks and Light. We had an enjoyable experience using brand new equipment and ensuring we were taking part in more high-quality experiments than ever before. We were able to use spectroscopes to observe the spectrum of visible light in white light as well as blackout sheets to test whether objects were luminous or non-luminous.



Just before Christmas, our Humanities topic was our local area. To kick start this topic we were fortunate enough to visit The Black Country Museum so that we could learn more about the industry in our local area, as well as old traditions. We thoroughly enjoyed our day out and learned lots about the history in our local area which we were able to apply to the rest of our topic. Our topics this term will allow us to look at the stone age and countries of the world.



During the last term, we were able to focus our learning on the real basic skills needed to participate in a wide range of sport. Ranging from throwing and catching, balancing, reactions and agility. We are looking forward to continuing to develop our physical skills in our topics this term.



In R.E. we are studying the Bible and why it is important to Christians. We will be sharing different parables and thinking about the meaning behind these stories and the impact they have upon the values and beliefs of Christians.