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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 page!


In Year 4 we have been learning all about the digestive system as part of our Science topic "Animals including Humans". We have been discovering all about the different organs vital to the digestive system and we even completed a science experiment where we created banana poo!


Here's what Year 4 had to say about the experiment that they conducted:


"The experiment was a bit disgusting but I still enjoyed it!"


"We used equipment to show how food and liquid travel through our body!"


"Even though it was super messy, everyone in the class enjoyed it very much!"


"We had to put bananas, crackers, water and orange juice in a bag. The orange juice represented the acid in our stomach and the water represented the saliva from our mouth. Then, we had to squish it all up in the bag. It felt disgusting!"


"Even though the food in the bag looked horrible, we all still took part."


"We poured the mixture from our "stomach" into a tight leg which represented the small intestine. I thought that was gross!"


"Although the experiment was quite horrible, it was a great example of how the digestive system works!"