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Year 4P


Year 4P – What we did in Autumn 1


During the first half term we learnt a lot of new things.




In Maths we learnt about place value and how to do the following:

  • Round numbers to nearest 10 and 100
  • Number lines to 10,000
  • Roman numerals to 100
  • Finding 1000 more or less
  • Comparing 4-digit numbers
  • Ordering numbers to 10,000
  • Solving problems using rounding
  • Negative numbers



In literacy we started a new book called ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles.’ It was about a family moving to a new house that belonged to their crazy aunt. Whilst staying at the house they find a hidden room and upset a small creature called a Bogart. This is the first book out of five that we may read over the year.




During this topic we learnt all about ‘The War of the Roses.’ It was really fascinating to find that the house of Tudor began because of the war of the Roses and the Battle of Bosworth Field.





In our science topic we learnt all about electricity and how to wire a circuit in series and parallel. We also learnt all about conductors and insulators of electricity.



Computing has been really exciting; we used a software package called ‘Sketchbook.’ In this software we used layers whilst drawing, this enabled us to draw on different layers so that the original stayed the same.



During this subject we learned all about how to join materials using different types of stitching. During the term we made a purse/wallet that could be used.