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Welcome to Year 6’s Class Page


You’re in your final year at The Priory Primary School! It’s time to show that you are ready to be a role model for the rest of the school and that you are prepared for your SATs tests and the move to Secondary school. This year will be full of exciting, new learning opportunities and memorable experiences.


During this year we will look at a range of fantastic texts, such as ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. We will focus on spellings and grammar and also work on inspiring you to be the best writers you can be. 


Remember in May of this academic year, you will sit your end of Key Stage Two tests (SATs). Throughout the year, we will work with you and support you to ensure that you reach your full potential. You will be tested in Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) and Maths. Your writing will be assessed by your class teacher from regular ‘Extended Write’ tasks.


Each half term we will have a new focus in Science, Art, Humanities, RE, PHSE, D&T and French. You'll be broadening your knowledge base and be taking part in lots of exciting lessons. 


Our aim is for you to leave The Priory Primary as confident and independent learners who are proud of your achievements and ready to take the next step in your life. Remember to aim high – don’t let anyone or anything hold you back!


Mrs Johnston and Mrs Carter





As Year 6 is such an important year, each Friday, you will be set weekly homework which will need completing and returning on the following Monday. It is also important that you are reading daily and using Reading Plus to improve your fluency and comprehension skills. Don’t forget the importance of times tables – remember you want to hit Gold on the 99 Club!





Freshwater Theatre Company


Year 6 were visited by the Freshwater Theatre Company. The workshop was based on our current science topic, ‘Animals Including Humans’.  We found the sessions extremely engaging and informative. The educator, who was in role as a mad scientist, was very enthusiastic and kept children engaged throughout.

We learnt all about:

  • How to practice a healthy lifestyle.
  • How saturated fats and sugars can affect our bodies and health.
  • How our blood cells travel around the body.

We had to input all our knowledge to get the Exploratorium working again!

Year 6 took part in many fun activities including, debates, role and play and acting out the journey in which our blood cells make on a daily basis.


This is what year 6 learnt and enjoyed:

Callum A: “ Today I have learnt that white blood cells fight off germs, I enjoyed acting as a blood cell and running through open valves.”


Lucy R: “Today I have learnt that bread has sugar in it. This really surprised me!”


Michelle: “Today I have learnt that red blood cells carry oxygen around the body and that hearts have four valves.”





Safeguarding Day


This year, we were lucky enough to take part in Safeguarding Awareness Day. We have visits from DECCA (Drug Education Counselling Confidential Advice), Rewind (Racial Awareness), Anti-social Behaviour team and the amazing PC Treasure – who gave us tips on how to stay safe while online, in secondary and on the streets.

We found this day really engaging and informative.  We learnt lots!