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The Priory Primary School

The Priory Primary School

Learning Together

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Learning Together


Subject Leader  - Mrs Johnston

Link Governor - All Governors



In writing, our curriculum is tailored to the needs of our school community and provides children with the skills and knowledge needed for life. Our English curriculum has been designed to allow children to revisit themes from the wider curriculum and apply the knowledge taught. Pupils are given the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in high-quality texts. This enables them to use and adapt vocabulary to build on the composition and effect within their own writing. The motivation to write is at the heart of our writing ethos. We believe all children should be provided with the chance to see themselves as writers and be given a chance to celebrate their writing.


  1. Provide children with key, transferrable writing skills to build on ‘year on year’, that can be used throughout each phase of their education and prepare them for life beyond The Priory Primary School.
  2. Provide the children with varied reasons for writing and believe that this not only produces higher quality writing but allows our learners to apply their skills to a range of different contexts
  3.  Allow all learners to achieve their full potential in writing and we are committed to providing the scaffolds and challenge needed for our children to achieve this





Curriculum Drivers

Cultural Heritage:

  • We have ensured that our English curriculum provides children with a knowledge of different points of history and geography, exposing them to a wide range of texts. 
  • Through a broad and ambitious curriculum, we aim to make our children curious learners who are excited by the opportunity to explore new texts. 
  • Where possible, we make links to topics in foundation subjects.




  • We enrich all curriculum areas, including English, by introducing our children to different career options linked to subjects such as poet, author, journalist. 
  • We aim to inspire our children to leave primary school with a love of English and a desire to want to excel at the subject in further education.


Awe and Wonder:


  • Pupils should enjoy what they are learning, and texts should foster curiosity, giving the opportunity for children to ask meaningful questions. 
  • High-quality resources are created and used within each subject area to inspire children.
  • Each English new text delivered in English begins with a “Hook” to engage learners.


Experiential learning:

  • We firmly believe in the power that meaningful ‘real-life experiences can have upon children’s retention and enjoyment of learning. 
  • We aim to provide each child with opportunities to engage in the locality and beyond through experiences both on and off the school site. 
  • We have high-quality trips and experiences mapped out prior to the start of each academic year, ensuring that every child gets the opportunity to experience experiences which are linked to their English text of study.


Language and oracy:


  • Vocabulary is the foundation of our curriculum based on the needs of our pupils. Throughout all Key Stages and subjects, key vocabulary is chosen, and the morphology of words discussed widely to ensure that pupils have the knowledge to grasp new concepts based on prior learning. 
  • To further encourage use of higher order vocabulary, our curriculum provides opportunity for rich dialogue through Philosophy for Children (P4C), helping children to engage with discussion in significant ways.  
  • We recognise the importance of reading across the curriculum and make links to books where possible. 
  • We recognise the power of storytelling and use this to introduce new themes and ideas to help our children retain information and be excited about history. Where possible, links are made to books studied in English and class texts to further enrich children’s vocabulary and understanding. Book lists are shared with parents to encourage wider reading at home. 

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The Priory Primary School

The Priory Primary School

Learning Together

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