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The Priory Primary School

The Priory Primary School

Learning Together

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Learning Together

Our Awards

History Quality Mark



In September 2021, the school was assessed for the History Quality Mark. The school was successful in obtaining the highest Standard of Gold during the assessment. The assessor was very pleased and surprised with the knowledge of the children the curriculum that had been set.


   Quality Mark Feedback Overview.  



Primary Quality Mark




   Parent letter about the Primary Quality Mark attained   


In October 2021, the school renewed it's Primary Quality Mark for the third time.  This award has now been held since 2015. The report stated; English and Mathematics are at the heart of teaching and learning at The Priory School, as it is seen to be the foundation of unlocking the rest of the curriculum for the pupils. The school is continuing to develop a balanced curriculum that encourages the pupils to become independent learners and functions in a calm and ordered manner, where learning is fun for the pupils. Everyone articulated their enthusiasm and appreciation for the school and felt valued as an individual.


EYFS Quality Mark



   Parent letter about the EYFS Quality Mark attained   


In October 2021, the school renewed it's EYFS Quality Mark for the third time.  This award has now been held since 2015.The report stated; the children benefit greatly from a committed Leadership team and motivated staff. All stakeholders have a sense of belonging to the school and inclusion is well embraced so that each child is valued for their uniqueness and talent; and can participate in a range of challenging, fulfilling and happy educational experiences to reach their full potential.

The Sandwell Well-Being Charter Mark

The Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark is a school's opportunity to commit to improving the mental health and well-being of everyone connected with the school.

The Charter Mark has been developed by Sandwell Council's Inclusion Support Educational Psychologists in partnership with the council's Public Health team. The process is always co-ordinated by a Sandwell Council Educational Psychologist (EP).

Schools that opt-in to this program are awarded the Sandwell Well-being Charter Mark if they can demonstrate that they take a whole-school approach to emotional health and well-being through a process of audit, action planning, and review.  The Priory Primary was awarded the charter mark in January 2020 in recognition of their whole-school approach to emotional wellbeing.

IQM Inclusive School Award



The IQM inclusive school award recognises the ongoing commitment by schools to provide the very best education for all children irrespective of differences.

The Arts Mark Award



The Artsmark Award is the only creative quality standard for schools and education settings, accredited by Arts Council England.  The awareness supports settings to develop and celebrate their commitment to arts and cultural education, thus ensuring that young people access a broad and balanced curriculum.

Music Mark



Recognised school who have a positive approach to music across the school and engagement with music. A school engaging in music-making across the school can see a marked improvement in behaviour, listening and focus. High self-esteem of pupils means less bullying, improved attainment, and higher school attendance. A musical school is always a happy school with a positive welcoming atmosphere and high expectations. 


The School Games Bronze Award



The School Games Mark is a government-led award scheme to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Participating in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and assists them in developing an action plan for future progress.

International Quality Mark


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In November 2018 the school obtained the International School Award in recognition of forging links with international schools and for developing an international dimension to the curriculum.  

Science Quality Mark



The school gained the PQSM Quality Mark for Science in May 2018. This demonstrates the high-quality provision that the school provides for all children.

ICT Quality Mark



In January 2017 the school acquired the ICT Quality Mark. The school was recognised for its forward thinking outlook and use of emerging technologies to enhance provision for computing.


The report stated how well resourced the school was and how plans had been put in place to supplement this ove rthe next few years. The school was praised for its increased use of cloud based systems and how pupils used IT at home through software made available to them.


It was reported that the delivery of the computing curriculum was of a high quality where children had deeper and embedded knowledge of using Scratch, Garageband, and other freely available software that children could use at home.

Values for Education Quality Mark



In November 2016 the school acquired the Values for Education Quality Mark. This school was recognised for its quality of  Values provision and outstanding behaviour (this was also mentioned in our September Ofsted report 2016).


The values report stated how well children conducted themselves and were able to talk about school in a very positive way. The school was praised for embedding its 7 core values through lessons, assemblies and pupil discussions across the subjects being taught.


He explained how well the children, regardless of age, were welcoming and their quality of ethical vocabulary was impressive. The members of the school council were very proud and described the differences Values made to their school.



Arts Award Quality Mark



In December 2015, The Priory Primary School became registered as an Arts Award Centre. We have two Arts Award Advisors; Mrs W Priest and Mrs D Pearce.


The Arts Award After-School Club supports pupils to build a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their involvement in the Arts, both at school and at home. This could be playing an instrument, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, making a decorative item or visiting an Arts centre such as a theatre or art gallery. The pupils’ portfolios are entered for an Arts Award providing recognition for their Arts achievements.


Mrs Priest teaches Arts Award Explore to Key Stage 2 pupils and Mrs Pearce teaches Arts Award Discover to Key Stage 1 pupils.


Both clubs take place on Tuesdays from 3.15 pm to 4.30 pm.


All the Arts Awards Club members who commenced their portfolios in 2015 have recently received their certificates at Explore and Discover Levels. 

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The Priory Primary School

The Priory Primary School

Learning Together

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