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The Priory Primary School

The Priory Primary School

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Geography Curriculum Documents


Geography Policy

Geography Overview



At The Priory Primary School, we aim to provide our children with a Geography curriculum that piques curiosity and builds knowledge of place, location, interconnectedness, and physical and human geography in a memorable way. We strive to ensure that our Geography curriculum is relevant and authentic, enabling pupils to draw on every day and first-hand experiences as well as broader geographical issues at a local and global scale. Our pupils are given opportunities to develop key geographical skills, such as observing, collecting, measuring, recording, and analysing information. We recognise that our pupils should be able to compare and contrast places, lives, and changes in the geographical world that they live in. 


We aim to ensure that our children have good geographical knowledge, remember facts, and can think, speak, and write like a geographer. Furthermore, we endeavour to provide a range of activities, such as fieldwork opportunities, school trips, and internal visitors, to ensure that our pupils develop their open-minded, balanced, and considerate worldviews and ultimately understand the importance of their role in protecting their world and environment. 


Curriculum Drivers 

Cultural Heritage: 

  • Geography lessons offer pupils the opportunity to delve into the physical landscapes, climates, and ecosystems of different regions, fostering an understanding of how these factors influence the lifestyles and traditions of various cultures. 
  • By studying maps, landmarks, and geographical features, children can connect with the rich history and heritage of different communities. 
  • Geography education encourages an appreciation for the significance of cultural diversity and heritage preservation. It instills in pupils the importance of respecting and celebrating the unique customs, languages, and historical legacies that make each place on Earth special. 
  • Our geography curriculum plays a vital role in nurturing global citizens who are culturally aware and sensitive to the world's rich tapestry of traditions and heritages.



  • Our geography curriculum plays a crucial role in connecting with children's aspirations by fostering curiosity, broadening horizons, and nurturing a sense of purpose. 
  • Through the study of geography, children are exposed to the diverse landscapes, cultures, and societies that make up our world. 

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The Priory Primary School

The Priory Primary School

Learning Together

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